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We offer a wide variety of sugarcane-based LDPE, MDPE and HDPE packaging. Our abilities for sugarcane LDPE & MDPE include monolayer and 5-layer COEX tubes. For sugarcane HDPE, we offer an extensive line of molds.  

In addition to our plastic packaging capabilities, we offer an extensive selection of glass bottles and jars in flint (clear), green, amber and blue.

We have the ability to produce up to 100% PCR PET & HDPE bottles and jars. We also supply up to 100% PCR Polypropylene caps and closures, and high content PCR plastic tubes.

From plastic screw-on caps, to pumps, sprayers, flip top caps and even metal lids, we can service any of your closure needs.

Our plastic packaging capabilities include production of PET, HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene bottles, jars, tubes, caps, closures, pumps and sprayers.


We also supply metal packaging in the form of seamless, hinged, screw top and slider tins, as well as aluminum bottles and tubes.

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